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Choosing a wedding cake is a very important (and delicious!) part of wedding planning.  You want your cake to reflect your personal taste both literally and physically.  A good wedding cake will have your guests talking for weeks . . . a bad one?  Not so much.  To ensure that you get only the best, today we have one of our favorite vendors, Sweet Cakes by Karen, here to give you her top three tips on how to choose the perfect wedding cake!

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Arranging a cake tasting before you commit to the flavor of your wedding cake is crucial to getting a final product you will love.  Even if you already know that you want a basic flavor like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry–still arrange for a cake tasting!  Different bakers use different recipes, so make sure you try everything out!  When you book a cake tasting withSweet Cakes by Karen you get to choose from many different cake and filling flavors to taste–because, what’s the fun of an appointment if you don’t get to have a taste!?  I hear cake tastings have no calories, so be sure you enjoy them!
The basic rule of thumb is that a three tiered wedding cake will feed 50-100 guests.  If you’ll be having 200+ guests, consider a five tiered cake.  If you want the look of a five tiered cake, but don’t have the many guests to feed consider us building a few tiers of “fake cake” made of Styrofoam and decorating it to all look cohesive.  Alternatively, if you have a lot of guests to feed, you can order a three tiered cake and then making up the rest of the slices with a sheet cake.  These are great tips if you’re looking to save a little money!

These days, there is no set standard to what your wedding cake has to look like.  Many brides choose to incorporate their wedding colors into their wedding cake, or elements from their theme or wardrobe.  At Sweet Cakes by Karen we strive to outfit every bride with a cake design that she will love.  We want your cake to reflect who you are, and what you like.  Wedding cakes that incorporate creative design elements will add a beautiful touch to any wedding.  Here are a few examples of some of my favorite cakes Sweet Cakes by Karen has recently made:

(Photos c/o Gideon Photography)

For more beautiful pictures, and information about Sweet Cakes by Karen, visit their facebook,blog, and website.

Happy wedding cake tasting!

Posted By: Chelsea on July 11, 2012.